# The Path to Bitcoin Enlightenment

# Connecting the Circular Rabbit Hole with the Ten Oxherding Pictures

Recently Gigi had a great thread about the idea of the Circular Rabbit Hole. This very much reminded me of the buddhist idea of the journey to enlightenment described with the ten Oxherding pictures. Let‘s dive into that …

# Searching

Going through life you feel something isn‘t quite right. You aren‘t satisfied and start to question things more fundamentally than before. You sense that you have been lied to – fake money, fake politics, fake chances.


# Footprints

Challenging your tried and true beliefs you come to grips that trusting authorities and institutions all too much isn‘t a good idea. Fool me once, shame on you – fool me twice, shame on me.


# Seeing

You find out about #Bitcoin, get a glimpse of its properties and potential. You read the white paper and you are excited how many ideas the space has to offer. This needs to be explored further …


# Catching

Excited by the many things you learn you become overwhelmed by the possibilities. You certainly want to be a part in all of this, start to trade and also dabble in shitcoins.


# Tending

Sooner than later you get burned. You see there are scammers left and right – by no means this is as rosy as you thought. You get back to basics and become even more interested in Bitcoin as it stayed true to its ideals and promises real freedom instead of quick wins.


# Riding Home

You see this will be a marathon rather than a sprint, become calmer and have gratitude for what you learned. You lower your time preference, start #stackingsats, gradually learn while you go and peacefully enjoy the ride.

Riding Home

# Forgetting

Until now there was the idea there was something to do – this separation vanishes and there is nothing special anymore. Everything has become clearer: intentions, ideas and goals align.


# Forgotten

Bitcoin is. And that is enough.


# Returning

You are where you were when you discovered the Rabbit Hole, but you are not the same anymore. You aren’t as entangled as before, see things clearer and you have become more self-sovereign.


# Entering the Marketplace with Helping Hands

Having experienced this fulfillment and kind of freedom you connect on a deeper level and help others. Still learning tons yourself you educate, develop, grow and nurture the world you want to live in. Onwards!

Entering the Marketplace with Helping Hands

… that‘s it, hope you liked it.

Special thanks to @dergigi whose thread inspired this article. If you are keen to learn more you can also listen to this episode of the @citizenbitcoin podcast, where they also discuss parts of the Circular Rabbit Hole idea.

Paintings by 直原玉青 Jikihara Gyokusei.